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Professional locksmith services. Opening of all types of doors, safes, vehicles and commercial premises. Maximum Rigor and services 100% guaranteed by accredited professionals.

Door opening service

Specialists in door opening services. If you need a locksmith to open your door, we have…

Automatic door opening

We are experts in automatic door opening services. We work 24 hours every day of the year…

Opening armored or armored doors

Armored and armored doors opening service. When it comes to treating an armored or…

Opening of safes

Opening service of safes. To open a safe with better guarantees if you put yourself in…

Opening of metal closures and blinds in commercial premises

Opening service of closures of premises. If you have a store and lost the key to your…

Vehicle opening

Vehicle opening service. We can qualify as experts in vehicle openings. If you need a…

Change of cylinders service

In EuroKey Locksmith we have the most complete service of change of cylinder, we work…

Changes and repair of locks

We work with all models and brands of locks. We make changes, repair and opening of all…

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URGENT locksmiths

  • Opening normal doors
  • Armored Door Opening
  • Vehicle opening
  • Automatic door opening
  • Opening of premises closures
  • Opening windows and bars
  • Opening of safes.